Wudang Ruyi Taichi

Ruyi Taichi – the Taichi as one wishes Wudang Ruyi Taichi ist one of the six ancient Taoist Taichi styles called “Liu Mai Taichi” (Six Stream Taichi), which are “Hunyuan, Ruyi, Liuhe, Longhu, Qianyuan and Huntian”. Since hundreds of years, these six Taichi styles have been taught only inside of those old Taoist schools, and … Read more

Oriental Charm: Wudang Xuan Du Lady Figure

Within the family of the traditional Wudang martial arts, there is a set of marital art which is designed for women to attend the self-cultivation, defy the enemy, and get more healthy. It is called “Xuan Du Lady Figure.” This is a set of exercises including classical health maintanance qi-diversion, dance, yoga, internal Qigong, and … Read more

The Cultural heritage: “Tie song Remains”

“Tie song Remains” is the Marital art and Neigong Exercising notebook of a major north-east martial arts school – Wu dang Taiyi Tie song school. “Tie song Reamins” has a complete record of the Marital art and Neigong Exercising in Wudang Taiyi Tie song which includes Dan dao, Nei gong, martial art, art of war, … Read more

Celebration of Zhen Yuan Fest

7th March 2012, the 15th of 2nd month in lunar calendar, was the traditional “Zhen Yuan Fest”, also the birth anniversary of Lao Zi, the great thinker, philosopher and founder of Taoism. In order to memorize Lao Zi, the 15th of 2nd month in lunar calendar has been named as “Xuan Yuan Fest” since Tang … Read more

Tiesong’s Kongfu shined on Wudang

On 25th May 2012, as the representative of Jilin city, Wudang Taiyi Tiesong Martial Culture Research Association (followed in short: Tiesong Association) has participated in 2012 the 1st. Meeting of Kungfu Performance in Wudang. 2012 the 1st. Meeting of Kungfu Performance in Wudang was organised by Wudang Quan Technic Research Association and Wudang Magazine. There … Read more

Courses and programs

Oganiser:  Guangzhou Qianyuan Culture Exchange Co. Ltd.           Tiesong Health: http://www.tiesong.com Coach:    Mr. Liu Tiecheng, (Taoist-name: Guangqing),           the 14th successor ofWudangTaiyiTiesongSchool Course methods:  Internet lecture with videos;              One can come to Mr. Liu for personal coaching or invite              him for a group coaching; For scheduled appointments of workshops, please check http://www.tiesong.com . … Read more