Celebration of Zhen Yuan Fest

7th March 2012, the 15th of 2nd month in lunar calendar, was the traditional

“Zhen Yuan Fest”, also the birth anniversary of Lao Zi, the great thinker, philosopher

and founder of Taoism. In order to memorize Lao Zi, the 15th of 2nd month in lunar

calendar has been named as “Xuan Yuan Fest” since Tang Dynasty, till Song Dynasty,

it was renamed as “Zhen Yuan Fest” by King Song Ying Zong.

In oder to celebrate this holy day, Qian Yuan Chinese Culture Academy has

organized a seminar. During the seminar, Master Liu Guangqing has guided the students

to read Dao De Jing (Lao Zi) with method “San Mei Zhen Chan” from “Zi Yun Xin Zai”

(Zi Yun heart meditation). Afterwards, Master Liu has taught an internal martial art

movement “Qing Long Chu Shui” (cyan dragon coming out of water). Through the

heart meditation and the martial art exercise, the students have experienced

a meaningful evenning.