About Master

Mr. Liu Tiecheng(Taoist name: Guangqing), born in 1960, is the fourteenth generation descendant of theWudangTaiyiTiesongSchool. He is responsible for sorting out and broadcasting “Tiesong Remains” , “Wudang Taiyi Hun Yuan ball”, “Wudang Ruyi Tai Chi”, “Wudang Xuan Du Lady Figure”. All these four books have been successfully certified as intangible cultural heritage ofJilinprovince in 2008 , and are now applying for the national intangible cultural heritage.

Mr. Liu was often sick during his childhood,. By chance, he became one of the students of Mr. Li Zhaosheng, the 13th chief master of Wudang Taiyi Tiesong School, who is named as “the genius of the 20th century” because of his high accomplishments in poetry, calligraphy, painting, Taoist martial arts and elixir charm, etc.. Since his teenage, Mr. Liu  began the practice of Wudang internal martial arts. Because of his talent and hard-working, he was specially beloved by master Li. Besides the guidance of Master Li, Mr. Liu has also been specially taught by three masters from 12th generation. Therefore he could inherit the martial arts ofWudangTaiyiTiesongSchool systematically and completely.