Tiesong’s Kongfu shined on Wudang

On 25th May 2012, as the representative of Jilin city, Wudang Taiyi Tiesong Martial Culture Research Association (followed in short: Tiesong Association) has participated in 2012 the 1st. Meeting of Kungfu Performance in Wudang.

2012 the 1st. Meeting of Kungfu Performance in Wudang was organised by Wudang Quan Technic Research Association and Wudang Magazine. There are 62 teams, about 2000 people from 10 countries, such as Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech, France, Germany, USA, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Swiss and Spain etc., and 23 Porvinces from China.

Being warmly invited by Wudang Magazine, Mr. Liu Tiecheng has led the members of Tiesong Association to participate in this great event. Tiesong’s ancient Kungfu, as the non-material cultural heritage of Jilin, as well as a comprehensive representative of Wudang’s genuine Kungfu, has shown its unique charm in this meeting. The Wudang Jiu Zhuan Ba Pan You Long Zhang (the Wudang palm with nine turning and eight curling from a swimming dragon), Wudang Xuan Du Yu Nu Tu (the dance of jade lady in the heaven) and Wudang Ruyi Taichi Quan, which were performed by Tiesong members during the meeting, have won three gold medallions. One selected paper of Tiesong Association, The Dance of Phonix, the soul of the oriental dance, has gained the prize of outstanding paper. And the head of Tiesong Association, Mr. Liu Tiecheng, has been granted the honor of the Hundred Outstanding Persons of Wudang.

Mr. Liu Tiechen (in red shirt) and his students

Mr. Liu Tiecheng (in red shirt) and his students

the dance of jade lady in heaven

Tiesong Kungfu has won three gold medallions.

Mr. Liu has been granted the honor of “the hundred outstanding persons of Wudang”