About Wudang TaiYi TieSong School

In Ming Dynasty, there was a very big and secret seminar held by nine famous schools (Shaolin, Wudang, E’mei, Kongtong, Huashan, Xueshan, Qianshan,Kunlun)which is aims to solve the divergence between Martial art and Taoism art, and to achieve integration academically. This exchange affair has left two important books which is “Wu ku remains” and ”Nine Zone hui yuan”

Wudang Tai Yi Tie song , is a a big martial art school hidden in Guan Dong Wu Lin since the  nine pulse get together. It originates in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty.

After the failure of the anti-Qing Dynasty movement, Wudang martial arts Master Tie Song Zi brings forwarded  ​​”Jump out of the Three Realms, do not ask the dust, to concentrate on things to teach, keep our real souls”. He led a group of people and went to Changbai, Wudang. He created a school of martial arts based on Taoist martial arts and integrated thousands of eastern martial arts. In order to commemorate Tie Song Master, descendants of the founder called this school as “Wu dang Tai Yi Tie Song zi School.”

Wudang Tai yi Tie Song Research Association was established to explore, organize and promote the spread of Tie Song theory After the establishment, it has applied successfully the “Tie Song Remains” to be World Heritage, and set up the health website (www.tiesong.com,    www.wudangtiesong.com ), the ancient essence of Taoism of the predecessors is more and more  gleaming shine with brilliance.

The establishment of Wu dang Taiyi Tie songMaritalCulturalResearchCenteris the answer handed by the successors, and the sorting out of “The Remains of Tie song” is a big contribution to the society.