Oriental Charm: Wudang Xuan Du Lady Figure

Within the family of the traditional Wudang martial arts, there is a set of marital art which is designed for women to attend the self-cultivation, defy the enemy, and get more healthy. It is called “Xuan Du Lady Figure.” This is a set of exercises including classical health maintanance qi-diversion, dance, yoga, internal Qigong, and martial art etc.

Through exercising this set of Qigong, you can renew the mentality and enhance the physical constitution. You will look fresh and refined, and your temperament will become more noble and elegant. The body will be more beautiful with delicacy and flexibility. The Entire twenty-four dancing postures look just like butterflies fluttering freely between heaven and earth.

This set of beautiful dancing highly combines martial art, health-maintenance and dance art together, and is the wisdom crystallization of predecessor. It is now certified as the non-material cultural heritage by the Jilin provincial government.