Wudang Ruyi Taichi

Ruyi Taichi – the Taichi as one wishes

Wudang Ruyi Taichi ist one of the six ancient Taoist Taichi styles called “Liu Mai Taichi” (Six Stream Taichi), which are “Hunyuan, Ruyi, Liuhe, Longhu, Qianyuan and Huntian”. Since hundreds of years, these six Taichi styles have been taught only inside of those old Taoist schools, and rare to be known by outsider. Ruyi Taichi,as one of the remained genuine from Wudang Taiyi Tiesong School, is now recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the government.Wudang Ruyi Taichi shows the characters of ancient Taoist Taichi, natural, simple and pure. Its movements are based on the philosophy of Yiging: “Yi Yuan (one origin),Er Yi (two poles), San Cai (three elements) and Si Xiang (four directions)…” Ruyi Taichi follows the change of Yin and Yang, starts with the Taichi Yuan Zhuang (original stand), emphasizes the flow of Qi inside the meridians and body. By playing it, the mind guides the Qi, the Qi pushes the movements, the movements also guide the Qi, so that the body and Qi merge together, and the spirit embodies in the movements…

There are 24 movements of Ruyi Taichi. Every movement has its special function and purpose. One can choose to play several movements of it or play the complete set; one can follow the sequence from 1 to 24 or follow the Qi and play randomly;one can play it softly and slowly like th ewater flow or strong and fast like the lightning. It is just like its name, Ruiyi Taichi is the Taichi as one wishes.