Courses and programs

Oganiser:  Guangzhou Qianyuan Culture Exchange Co. Ltd.

          Tiesong Health:

Coach:    Mr. Liu Tiecheng, (Taoist-name: Guangqing),

          the 14th successor ofWudangTaiyiTiesongSchool

Course methods:

 Internet lecture with videos;

             One can come to Mr. Liu for personal coaching or invite

             him for a group coaching;

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Course contents:

  1. Jiu ShiXiao Lian Xing (Nine movements of basic bodybuilding), the basic moving Qigong

The function of this set of exercises is to dredge the meridians, open the acupunctures and ease the discomfort of particular body parts. Besides, it is also an adjuvant therapy for some chronic deceases. More importantly, one can remove the obstacles on the way towards elixir by practicing it. Traditionally only the big Taoist schools have practicing programs like Xiao Lian Xing, which shows the complacency of succession in one school.

  1. Taiyi Yuanming Ba Shi (eight poses of Taiyi Yuanming, in which Taiyi means the big oneness, Yuanming means the primordial Yin and Yang), the basic Qigong for Wudang Taiyi elixir program.

Taiyi Yuanming Ba Shi is an ancient healing method, which was first introduced by Jin Jing Zi, the Guru of Jin School, in Tang Dynasty. Through this Qigong, one can absorb the positive energy in the universe, balance the Yin & Yang and active the self-healing system of the body. Therefore the practicer can naturally heal the diseases and prolong his/her life, and eventually obtain the holly wisdom. It is also a shortcut to dredge the middle meridian in the body, and suitable for people with different kinds of body constitution to exercise. Mr. Guangqing has been teaching this Qigong for many years, and countless people have benefited from it.

  1. Fu Qi Can Xia (take in the Qi and dine the clouds), an ancient method to absorb the natural energy

Fu Qi Can Xia is an ancient Taoist method to absorb the Qi. This exercise was imparted to the world by Chunyang Zhen-Ren (the true one), Lü Dongbin. It includes ways to absorb the Qi essence from sky and earth; sun, moon and stars; mountains and rivers; trees and flowers, etc. It can help one not only to “enhance the fire in oven, fill up the lost of body”, but also “build the basis for elixir, enter the world of mystery”. We now offer the first part of Fu Qi Can Xia, which is also the distillation of 30 years’ meditation of Mr. Liu.

  1. Hanshan Qi Shi (Hanshan Seven Forms), an exercise for correcting the 12 main meridians.

Hanshan Qi Shi is a required exercise insideTaiyiTiesongSchool. It is famous for its great healing power regarding internal injury, and its function of correcting precisely the 12 main meridians. It helps one with preparing a robust body for golden elixir and a strong basis for the deep meditation. This program requires special breathing techniques, incantation and tricks, therefore it is suggested to be taught face to face.

  1. Wudang Taiyi 13 Zhuang (Thirteen pose-standing Qigong of Wudang Taiyi School)

Zhang Yun Tai Chi (run the Taichi with hands): it is a moving exercise, together with another still standing exercise, Dazi Zhuang, they are both called “teeth biting post-standing” inside of Taiyi School. From the nickname one can tell, the exercise is so intensive that one must bite the teeth to be able to hold on. Nevertheless, it increases Qi very fast, and eventurally, when the Qi can go through the whole body, one can feel wether there is a fire ball warms the whole body.

Hun Yuan Yi Qi (the whole Qi from undivided genesis), the shortcut to dredge the Ren Du meridian.

Jiu Jiu Hui Yang (the return of Yang) the internal Qigong to adjust the internal organs. There is a secret pithy formula for the exercise.

Long Pan (Dragon Curling), the original posture of Wudang Jiu Zhuan Ba Pan You Long Zhang (the palm of swimming dragon with nine turning and eight curving). After completing this exercise, one can walk fast and powerfully, and perform the Jin Long Ba Zhang (Eight Palm of Golden Dragon ) as well as You Long Sheng Tian (Swimming Dragon’s Ascension).

Hu Ju (Tiger Crounching), a method of strengthening the internal vitality and nourishing the “kidney water” (the Yin energy). After completing this exercise, one can achieve the Liu He Shen Fa (the body movement with six harmony). The Tiger Crounching and the Dragon Curling above are both genuine Wudang internal Qigong, based upon which many internal martial arts have been evolved afterwards.

Long Hu Jiao (Dragon and Tiger Crossing), the first posture of Wudang Xin Zi Zhuang (a post-standing like the word “heart”). This exercise is the soul of Taiyi 13 Zhuang, which can be performed freely with all other post-standing. This is the first time to be introduced to public.

  1. The original Wudang Yuhuan ( Jade Circle) Zhuang

It is one of the three ancient post-standings of Wudang, and has been introduced to public since 1984. With the time some practicers have taught it further and lost its genuine form gradually. In order to give its genuine back, we now offer it with a preferential price.

7. Ba Duan Jin (eight brocade) Internal Qigong

It is specifically for internal Qigong practicer, and can be practiced by standing and sitting. This Ba Duan Jin has been only taught inside of Tiesong School, and it is different from that being known by public. Ba Duan Jin is good for health maintenance, against coldness and deceases, and especially suitable for people who work in office and are sub-healthy .

8. Hugon Zhuang

It is said that this post standing Qigong was from Hugong (Pot-man), the immortal, who lived in the period of Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D. 25 – 220). It is said that he often gave medical examination in the market by hanging a pot as the logo, at the end of the market day, he jumped into the pot so that normal people could not see him. The phrase “Xuan Hu Ji Shi” (helping the world with a hanging pot) came from this legend. This post-standing was passed to Mr. Guangqing by Grand-master Xu (one of the three 12th successors inTiesongSchool). It is a genuine exercise for health maintenance and internal Qigong, which is easy to learn, and specially suitable for busy white collar to relax and maintain the health.

  1. Jiu Long Huan (Nine Dragon Circle), an ancient massage method

Jiu Long Huan is a massage method of elixir program, as well as the basis of Huo Long Gong (fire dragon Qigong). It can effectively reduce fatigue and release pain, as well as being used specially at the end of practicing the internal martial arts.